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We can assure you that you will get the best return on your marketing investment if you will be connecting with our highly productive and result driven events in which you will get the opportunity to meet the decision makers and to market your product and services in front of leading industry experts.

We will enhance the impact of your product and services by placing them in a unique way and you can easily establish your company as a thought leader among the industry.

Leverage our events to raise your profile and lower your customer acquisition costs:
  • Face-to-face interaction with the potential clients in a tailored business environment.
  • Branding and communication on direct marketing campaigns, social media, Web sites, and on-site signage seen by thousands of targeted prospects.
  • The opportunity to provide knowledge about your product and services to your target market.
  • The opportunity to raise your company profile among your competitors and put your company front of mind using numerous formats, including; workshops, online content, product demonstrations, technology launches, site visits and hosted receptions.To discover more, please contact our team
  • Email saad@giintelligence.com