Corporate Valuation and Capital Restructuring

Corporate Valuation and Capital Restructuring

Accelerating the capital growth through corporate valuation and capital restructuring by using excel
23th – 24th May, 2016 PC Hotel, Karachi
25th -26th May, 2016 PC Hotel Lahore

Attend this Premier Training and Gain Insight into:

  • Identify commonly used valuation techniques and how they are employed
  • Define what corporate restructuring is and why it occurs
  • Describe how corporate restructuring creates/destroys value
  • Identify commonly used takeover tactics and defenses and when they are most appropriate
  • Develop a highly practical “planning based” approach to managing the M&A process
  • Identify challenges and solutions associated with each phase of the M&A process
  • Describe advantages and disadvantages of alternative M&A deal structures
  • Describe how to plan, structure, and manage JVs, partnerships, alliances, licensing arrangements, equity partnerships, franchises, and minority investments


This course is the most current, comprehensive and cutting-edge workshop on increasing company value through M&A and corporate restructuring.

It is current in that it includes many of the most up-to-date and notable deals (e.g., Facebook’s takeover of WhatsApp, the Dell privatization, and Verizon’s mega buyout of Vodafone’s share of Verizon Wireless), plus new tactics (e.g., two-tiered poison pill) employed in M&As.

It is comprehensive in that it includes numerous practical exhibits, case studies involving diverse transactions, easy-to-understand numerical examples, and hundreds of discussion questions and practice exercises