9th December, 2019


Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi

About Event

Moving from talk to action in an era of CMO accountability for authenticity, trust, purpose, cultural dialogue, human connection, technological innovation and business growth. Join us as we come together to celebrate marketing innovation, thought leadership, the new dynamics of brand engagement, CMO influence and our tech-driven future at the 1 st CMO Conference in Pakistan. At our elite, welcome just assembling of the world's top promoting pioneers you’ll gain valuable insights from your peers and premier speakers, the opportunity for dialog and ideas-sharing, and a chance to explore the new frontiers of marketing, advertising and brand-building. You’ll leave inspired to create change and test the boundaries of what’s possible as you drive not just brand but business growth. Are there new purchaser ventures with the consistent difference in contact focuses? Advertisers have never been in a greater situation than today, and furthermore have never been in a more associated time than now. Computer based intelligence, AR, AI and the opportunity to coordinate information with insight; Programmatic, Blockchain, Chatbots, Brand Safety, trust shortfalls, and the rundown is interminable. Some state that Marketing isn't a vocation, assignment or office. Its what happens each time you draw in with your purchaser. This Conference will update you with whats truly going on in the Pakistani commercial center.

Speakers and Panalist

Noman Sikandar Mirza


Syed fakhar Ahmed - KE
Chief Marketing & Communication Officer
K - Electric

Ammar Hassan

Chief Markting Officer

Agha Zohaib - MD - Minshare

Agha Zohaib


Shamsah Virani

Director Marketing

Aga Khan University

Omar Abedin

Director Marketing

Humayun Shaikh

Director Marketing

Unilever Pakistan Food Limited