This 3-day course deals with the design and detailed operation and maintenance characteristics of a Gas turbine combined cycle power plant, with major emphasis on the major plant Components and the performance of the plant. Overall design and operation concepts along with basic operation and maintenance problems for the various pieces of Turbo-Machinery including Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Generators, HRSG and Balance of plant Rotating equipment will be discussed.

Discussions and design parameters of the Heat Recovery and Steam Generating (HRSG) systems, the feed water heaters and the Condensers are also included. Other topics covered include plant systems viz, fuel, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, instrumentation, components and BOP reliability program, Thermal performance analysis, vibration analysis and on-line condition monitoring of the Power Plant. An emphasis is placed on providing practical information with minimal theory.

Case studies with an aim of thorough understanding of Combined Cycle Power Plant life extension and evaluation and Performance Benchmarking for a typical 1400MW will be discussed in detail. Participants are encouraged throughout the course to be engaged in active discussions so as to maximize sharing of knowledge.

Know About Your Trainer

Consultant Of GII has more than 32 years of industrial experience with career as a Mechanical Engineer with Manufacturing and Engineering MRO Industry. He in experienced in Maintenance Repair, Overhaul, Testing and Evaluation of Turbo Machinery including Aero and Aero derivative Gas Turbine Power Plants. Have worked with various concerns on life extension and evaluation of 1400 MW +, combined cycle power plants and 1600MW +, Thermal Power Plants.

As an expert in Lean Six Sigma , Maintenance programs and Reliability Programs has Provisioned various companies ( Power Generation, Oil and Gas, aviation etc) on Effective Reliability Improvement Programs, Maintenance Management Strategies and Programs optimization, Lean Maintenance and Six Sigma Process Improvement Strategies integrating the same with reliability solutions.

As a Global Event Trainer has Trained Number of professionals in Reliability programs, GT Power Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Rotating equipment, Maintenance Management, lean Six Sigma within and outside organization.

Our Consultant is Masters in Mechanical Engineering with Major in Thermal Power Systems Engineering and Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Course Benefits

• Improved job performance, Decision making capabilities.
• Understanding the Design Concepts of CCPP Components / Systems
• CCPP performance Evaluation throughout life Cycle
• Understanding Life Extension Evaluation and Recommendations
• Understanding CCPP Key performance Indicators in Operational Performance and Maintenance.
• understanding CCPP design, operation, and maintenance requirements
• Technology transfer between participants
• Operation Cost Monitoring vs Performance Understanding

Who Should Attend

• Senior Operational and Maintenance Executives
• Operational Managers, Engineers, Technicians
• Plant Reliability Engineers
• Maintenance Managers, Engineers
• Power Generation Finance Managers

Course Outline

    • Agenda Day 1

Overview of the CCPP Major Plant Equipment

• Gas turbines
• HRSG, Steam Turbine
• Generators
• Balance of Plant, systems and components viz
• Feed water Heaters, Condensers, Boiler Feed water Pumps
• Plant Layout
• Environmental considerations
• Mechanical Arrangement
• Aero-thermal characteristics of plant equipment.
• ASME, API codes for Plant Equipment
• Design and Operational Criteria for Performance
• Equipment Selection criteria for Best Integrated performance.
• Economic aspects of Installations, Cost Per MW-Hr Consideration
• Cycle Analysis of the Combined Cycle Power Plant.


Major Equipment Advanced Gas Turbine Technology

Classification, Types and sizes of gas turbines in combined Cycle Power Generation
• Technological Development Trends in Gas Turbine technology
• Modular Design Concept, Aero derivative vs Industrial Gas turbines
• Methods of increasing cycle efficiency and the output power
• Overview of fuels and materials considerations.
• High temperature turbines, closed cycles and other developments.
• Aero thermodynamic considerations, Cycle analysis of gas turbines and centrifugal compressors.
• Gas turbine and Axial Compressor performance calculations, Operating maps
• Mechanical, performance and aerodynamic aspects of gas turbines, Axial Compressors


High Temperature Materials / Coatings

• Gas Turbine Materials,
• Turbine Blades, NGVs ( Nozzles ) Design and Operational considerations
• Material Behavior
• Hot Corrosion, High Cycle and Low Cycle Fatigue
• Effect of Fuel on GT integrated performance
• Advance Coatings as applied to both the Hot Section Components and the Compressor

    • Agenda Day 2

• Types of fuels
• Natural Gas to Heavy Fuel Oil to Low Btu Gas.
• Gas Turbine Performance with different fuels
• Variable Load Conditions, Base Load, Full Load
• Effects on Downstream components, HRSG , Steam turbine etc.
• Duct burners use in the system

Steam Turbine Technology
• Design of the Steam Turbines, Materials
• Sub, Super Critical cycles in Power generation
• High Pressure Turbine, IP and LP turbines
• Performance Analysis of Steam Turbines

HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)
• HRSG Design for performance, Criteria’s, materials
• Feed Water Heaters
• Dearators, Economizers, Preheaters, Evaporators, and Superheaters
• Cycling Issues, Thermal & Mechanical Fatigues.
• Performance Optimization techniques to assure maximum effectiveness of the HRSG.
• Corrosion Control programs

BOP, Condensers, Feed Water Pumps
• Condensers, Pumps performance Analysis
• Effects on Power Plant output & Performance
• Design characteristics, Charts, Maps
• Piping, Structure Reliability Programs
• Life Cycle performance Analysis
• Generator Performance, Load curves, Optimum Operation


Combined Cycle Power Plant Performance and Optimization
• Power Plant Life Cycle
• Plant Degradation with age, Performance deterioration
• Maintenance program Effectiveness, Cost over life cycle
• Performance calculations / API, ASME PTC Performance Test Codes
• Performance maps / Margins for
• Gas Turbine, Compressor, HRSG, Steam Turbine
• BOP Rotating Equipment
• Generators / Transformers
• Performance KPIs for combined Cycle Power Plant
• Integrating the performance together,
• Bench Marking of C C G T P P
• Analysis Techniques / Tools for Power generation Data


Performance, Life Assessment for Combined Cycle Power Plant
• Life Assessment Principles
• Stages Approach to Life Assessment
• Cost Effective Management Strategies
• Component Specific techniques
• Performance Targets Vs Actual


Maintenance, Reliability Programs to meet Performance Targets
• Power Plant Maintenance program
• Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
• Applying Best Maintenance Strategies and Philosophies
• Integrating Maintenance & reliability with CCPP performance
• Performance Documents, Review reports
• Reliability Program, Reports
• Condition Monitoring techniques
• RCM program, Integrating between system, component Performance
• Repair Vs replace decisions for Combined Cycle power Plant


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