Exemplary and diverse leadership is key to navigating the fast-changing business environment. Great leaders know the
importance of integrity and collaboration. Getting the right mix of board directors, senior management and a company
secretary with business acumen can be the difference between success and failure. Strategy, culture and governance
are intrinsically linked and getting the balance right can empower the organisation. This can be done through the right
focus on the company purpose, values and on financial and non-financial KPIs.

When shareholders, directors, senior management and employees are all focused on high performance through successfulstrategy execution and sustainable grow we see businesses grow and develop products and services which retain and attract customers.
Over this one day interactive online masterclass we will consider different case studies, work together to find out of the box leadership strategies. Considering the future and technology but with an eye on the environmental, societal and governance (ESG).

Delegates will learn the necessary skillsets to handle changes in organisational design, personnel and
even strategic direction and focus. They will also participate in case studies and group exercises to
help with strategic thinking, problem solving and ‘out of the box’ solutions for complex organisational transitions and strategy excellence

Know About Your Trainer

Our trainer is a leadership, corporate governance and corporate culture expert and has worked with many of the leading
international accounting, law and consulting firms. He is an experienced company director (in UK and UAE) and governance advisor. He has advised and worked with the boards of international companies and a multi-billion-dollar
government entity (part of Dubai Holding). He advises clients in the Middle East and South East Asia on Transformation
– Change Management, Corporate Governance, Diversity and Culture, Leadership and Strategic Excellence, Business
Continuity Management/CrisisManagement, Risk Management and Compliance, Board Effectiveness and Operational


Chairman of the CGI MENA branch committee in Dubai. Member of the Membership and Events committee of The
Worshipful Company of Chartered Company Secretaries and Administrators(WCCSA), a Royal Chartered Company.
Liveryman of WCCSA and was granted the Freedom of the City of London, UK.

what you are going to learn

1. Leading teams with integrity to drive excellence and how to leverage from organisaonal knowledge

Your leaders, managers and employees – are they aligned?
Is change necessary – do all organisations need to go through transformaonal change?
How to build the right team – who does what and why?
Planning transformaon change around your strategy and your current and future customers
Diversity, equity and inclusion (we are beer together)
Group exercise – consider financial pressures, shareholder demands, employees and stakeholders

2. Building a strong corporate culture who are customer centric – case study

Managing resistance and preparing your management for transformation – building the skills and
knowledge to succeed – future readiness
Vision, mission, strategy and culture– are you changing your purpose, direction or values?
How to manage change successfully – Case study to change the corporate culture and to reward
financial and non-financial performance excellence

3. Tone from the top, organisational design and your strategic success – case study

Where are the board of directors in developing and monitoring strategy and performance measures?
Recruitment, retention and succession planning – part of sustainability and organisational
Aligning branch, departmental and team performance with the company objectives and
remuneration for senior executives and employees
Know-how and building organisational excellence (working smarter)

4. The role of management and leadership in designing and driving change and maintaining the success of the organisation for the next 10 years – group exercise on organisational performance

How to embed risk management, compliance and governance excellence whilst maintaining
employee engagement and corporate culture
Managing the Corporate Culture and driving change from within
Vision, mission, values and storytelling – Keeping true to the essence of the business
What happens when businesses merge and must adopt the overriding corporate culture?
Keeping a sustainable business model and balancing the needs of stakeholders
Growing from strength to strength and maintaining market prominence

5. Local and international developments – what does the future hold and how can we stay relevant

The value of understanding your local market, customers and competition – PESTEL
Understanding why LNGPESTEL is also important
Carrying out a SWOT analysis and overlying it with your PESTEL or LNGPESTEL analysis
The importance of collaboration, sharing information and ‘one view of the truth’

6. Building service excellence and agility into your strategy, company objectives and corporate culture – group exercise ( each given different scenarios and starting points)

Strategy and corporate culture – good, beer, best!
Why does Senior Management require such high standards?
Company performance, sustainability and innovation – focus on internal and external customers
Reporting performance through a Balanced Scorecard or another method – Financial and non-financial objectives

7. Continuing the journey towards excellence and aiming for best in class performance

Driving change and cultivating a culture of good governance
Continual improvement and feedback loop – how and why?
Understanding the market, the customer segments and service offering
New innovations and ceasing products and services which are high risk or unprofitable
Reward and penalties for individuals and teams

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