In House Training

In-House Trainings At Global Industries Intelligence

In-house training division is established to deliver the tailored training programs according to the need of our clients which meet their objectives. Our Training consultants are carefully selected experts who are well known for their knowledge and expertise in the specific areas on which our clients need a comprehensive and well customized in-house training session. The scope of our in-house trainings range from wide selection of specialist business areas from Technical Training, Human Resources to Project Management, Finance to Marketing to all areas of Personal and Professional, Manager and Leader Development. Our professional consultants will assist our clients in analyzing and selecting the best way for their training needs.

Areas That We Cover

Power System Analysis and Reliability
Generator and Power Station Protection
Advance Power System Protection
Reactive Power Management
Lube Oil Condition Monitoring and Analysis.
5 Day Maintenance Strategies & KPI
Gas Processing Operation Master Class
Geomecheanics and Pore Pressure
Operation Geology for Other Disciplines
Troubleshooting of Process Equipment
HV Circuit Breakers & Switching Technologies
Asset Integrity Management
Risk and Financial Management in Maintenance
KPI’s and Performance Management
RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
Reliability and Maintenance Tactics
Life Cycle Costing
CMMS Improvements
Managing Maintenance Improvement Tools
Advanced Maintenance Management Practices
Adding Value to Maintenance through Reliability
“Continuous Maintenance Improvement for Managers and Supervisors of Maintenance and Operations”
Maintenance Masterclass
Reliability = Profitability: Financial Management in Maintenance
Understanding and Managing RCM
Advanced Maintenance, RCM and Reliability
Effective Maintenance Outsourcing Techniques
Machine Failure and Reliability
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Control
Performance Management, KPI’s and Benchmarking
Developing Maintenance Best Practices
Selecting your CMMS/EAM
Successful CMMS Planning and Implementation
Improving the Value from your CMMS
Building Maintenance Strategy
Managing Change in Maintenance
Effective Project Management for Maintenance
Effective Maintenance Procedures
Optimizing Maintenance Tactics
Total Productive Maintenance
Expert Systems in Maintenance
Life Cycle Costing
Root Cause Analysis (Root Cause Failure Analysis
Shutdowns and Turnarounds
Risk and Financial Management in Maintenance
Gas Processing
Troubleshooting of Process Equipment

Acquire tools and techniques for planning and implementing solutions
Advanced Business Process Analysis, Mapping and Modelling
Advanced Contract Drafting for Non-Lawyers
Advanced Data Analysis
Analyzing and Documenting Policies and Procedures
Building an Innovative Organization
Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery
Business Data Modelling
Business Process Management and Improvement
Business Process Modelling Management
Business Analyst Professional
Contract Drafting for Non-Lawyers
Corporate Responsibility Management and Reporting
Crisis and Emergency Management
Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel
Data Analysis Skills
Delivering Service Excellence
Designing and Developing an Effective Policy and Procedure System
Developing a Business Case
Developing and Implementing a Successful CSR Strategy
Developing Use Cases
Due Diligence
Effective Knowledge Management
Effective Legal Writing for Non-Lawyers
Effectively Managing and Implementing Policies and Procedures
EFQM – Journey to Excellence (J E)
EFQM – Leaders for Excellence (L E)
Emergency Response Planning
Essential Business Process Analysis, Mapping and Modelling
Facilitation Techniques for Requirements Development
Finance and Accounting for Lawyers
Foundations of Business Analysis
How to Gather and Document User Requirements
Innovation Excellence: Design Thinking for Problem Solving
Leading Edge Strategies in Quality Management
Maximising Benefits Delivered Through Change
Negotiation Skills for Project Managers
Operations Management
Operations Strategy for Directors
Quality Management and Business Performance
Public Private Partnership
Root Cause Analysis
Strategic Business Intelligence Implementation
Strategic Enterprise Analysis
Streamlining Business Processes for Improved Profitability
The EFQM Assessor Training – Assessed Version
Tender Preparation and Evaluation

Advanced Business and Financial Reporting using Excel
Accounting for Non-Accountants
Advance Financial Modelling
Advanced Budgeting
Advanced Excel: Spreadsheet Techniques and Financial Applications
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
Aligning Budgeting with Strategy
Middle Office Management
Budgeting and Forecasting for Business Professionals
Cash Flow and Forecasting Management
Cash Flow Management
Corporate Valuation
Cost Control and Management
Credit Risk Modelling
Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel
Developing Organizational Resilience
Due Diligence
Efficient Finance & Accounting Best Practices
Financial Risk Management
Fast Quality Close of Month and Year End Accounts
Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Financial Analysis
Financial Control
Financial Instruments and Risk Management in IFRS – IFRS 7 & 9 and IAS 32 & 39
Financial Modelling Using Excel
Financial Monitoring and Analysis for Business Professionals
Financial Skills for the Board
IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards
International Compliance
Investor Relations
ISO 31000 – Global Risk Framework
Leading Financial Sustainability
Mergers and Acquisitions
Options and Derivatives
Project Finance
Project Finance Modelling
Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
Retail Credit Risk Measurement, Management and Control
Senior Executive Finance
Strategic Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Strategic Financial Planning, Analysis and Monitoring for Senior Executives
Three Day Financial Month End
Treasury Management
Trading, Custodial Services and International
Payment and Settlement Systems
Working Capital Management Using Excel Modelling

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