Power System Analysis and Reliability
Generator and Power Station Protection
Advance Power System Protection
Reactive Power Management
Lube Oil Condition Monitoring and Analysis.
5 Day Maintenance Strategies & KPI
Gas Processing Operation Master Class
Geomecheanics and Pore Pressure
Operation Geology for Other Disciplines
Troubleshooting of Process Equipment
HV Circuit Breakers & Switching Technologies
Asset Integrity Management
Risk and Financial Management in Maintenance
KPI’s and Performance Management
RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
Reliability and Maintenance Tactics
Life Cycle Costing
CMMS Improvements
Managing Maintenance Improvement Tools
Advanced Maintenance Management Practices
Adding Value to Maintenance through Reliability
“Continuous Maintenance Improvement for Managers and Supervisors of Maintenance and Operations”
Maintenance Masterclass
Reliability = Profitability: Financial Management in Maintenance
Understanding and Managing RCM
Advanced Maintenance, RCM and Reliability
Effective Maintenance Outsourcing Techniques
Machine Failure and Reliability
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Control
Performance Management, KPI’s and Benchmarking
Developing Maintenance Best Practices
Selecting your CMMS/EAM
Successful CMMS Planning and Implementation
Improving the Value from your CMMS
Building Maintenance Strategy
Managing Change in Maintenance
Effective Project Management for Maintenance
Effective Maintenance Procedures
Optimizing Maintenance Tactics
Total Productive Maintenance
Expert Systems in Maintenance
Life Cycle Costing
Root Cause Analysis (Root Cause Failure Analysis
Shutdowns and Turnarounds
Risk and Financial Management in Maintenance
Gas Processing
Troubleshooting of Process Equipment