Maintenance Management and Operational Excellence


Due to growing economic uncertain situation companies are striving for operational cost reduction and at the same time achieving higher reliability through effective programs. Capital expenditures need deferment due to low oil prices and COVID situations across the globe.


  • This 2 Days Comprehensive course has been designed for in-depth introduction into Plant Operations, Reliability, Maintenance and safety excellence.
  • The APMS - Asset Performance Management System which integrates the OE initiatives through Processes, Domains and Elements will be discussed in detail.
  • Furthermore, discussions with respect to CCPP and TPP operational excellence initiatives, Roll out, Monitoring and control through system of Lagging and leading KPIs. Value Plans and Multigenerational Plans.
  • The discussion will lead to maturity assessment of current CCPP and TPP plants and how to achieve the Highest maturity levels from Reactive to reliability driven organization managing higher revenues and profits.