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The process of condition monitoring for motors and generators is one of the most effective and advanced methods to prevent failure while routine processing of rotating machines.
This course is effective in knowing all the codes and standards of motors and generators, their failure calculations and offline vs. online monitoring. Attendees will learn pro-active maintenance to determine any damaged and defective parts, and how to replace it before a major breakdown. There are also other things like generators and mechanical power transmission products, services, and expertise to save energy and how can we improve the cycle of it, also to know the accurate diagnostic and timely targeted maintenance improvement and how to achieve major cost savings, etc. A practical development of condition monitoring plan will be done along with a practical case study during the training.
The program is best for experienced power engineering professionals to diversify their experience in construction commissioning, custody handover, reliability and maintenance engineering, condition-based monitoring. Diagnostic analysis and shutdown, turnaround, and overhauls management.

Consultant of global industries intelligence :
Mr. Danish Aslam is an experienced power engineering professional and has been a highly talented veteran in the Field of Transformers Condition Monitoring. After receiving basic education as an Electrical Asset Management, and as a Transformer Fleet Management & Diagnostic, he got the specific education of generator overhauls and rebinding/rewinding from Korea. He has been IGTC Life Time member, M&R trainer & Mentor at Re.Engineer, USA, M&R Mentor at The Maintenance Community by Upkeep, TLM & Transformer Technology Contributing Member and been an Active Member for Grid Code Amendment-II Approval Committee 2020. He has a diversified experience in Construction, commissioning, Custody Handover, Reliability & Maintenance Engineering, Condition Based Monitoring, Diagnostics analysis and Shutdown, Turnaround and Overhauls Management.

5 Nov ‘2021 Going to be held in PC Hotel Karachi, Sheraton Hotel Lahore & Online on Zoom (Hybrid)

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