About Instructor

The trainer is a certified Project Management Professional from PMI United States, Chartered
Engineer from Engineering Council, UK. He has completed his MBA from Institute of Business
Administration, Karachi, Master’s in Electrical Engineering and Bachelors in Electrical
Engineering from N.E.D University of Engineering and Technology. He has over 14 years’
experience of managing Projects and Maintenance in Utility and Power Generation sector. He
has successfully managed numerous projects worth millions USD. He is currently working as a
Construction Manager in 500 M USD Project in Pakistan and looking after its Construction and
He has also been associated with the academia and has been delivering trainings to
industry professional and students on various topics including Electrical Safety, Maintenance of
Electrical Assets, Power Plant Maintenance management and Project

Day One:

Session One:


Power Transformers (PT) in Power Systems
Faults on Transformers (internal and external)
PT types and size
PT Construction and physical characteristics

Session Two:

Asset Management and Condition Based Maintenance

Asset database and maintenance scheduling models;
Data management
Current state of the assets and impact on system
Reliability assessment projection
Optimisation of maintenance cost (correction of the
Financial modelling and investment models
Application of the latest AM standards and benchmarking
Building Modelling Information (BIM) integration

Session One:

Maintenance Guide for liquid transformers

PT components
Basic Procedure for PT Maintenance
Specifics for Distribution Transformers
Process for PT Maintenance
Detailed consideration of each components

Session Two:

Protection of Transformers

Protection of PT by Design
Testing, types and procedures
Standards related to PT
Commissioning process for PT

Day Two:

Session One:

Testing of Transformers

Type Tests
Routine Factory Tests
Site Tests after transport and installation
Test Check lists

Session Two

Warranties, Guarantees and Insurance

What does it mean!
Do we follow manufacturers recommendation in
What can we insure and why!

Session Three

Discussion and summary of the course

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