Process Compressors


The objective of the 2 days’ comprehensive course is to project will be to understand the operation and maintenance strategies, cleaning, protection and preservation of industrial compressors. Issues to be covered will include O&M activities (inspection, condition monitoring, repair, maintenance, and modifications).

Why You Should Attend?

  • Understanding Known causes and mechanisms of fouling, erosion and corrosion damage to Industrial compressors.
  • Compressor wash systems (on-line and off-line wash nozzles, ancillary equipment, consumables and procedures used).
  • Understanding General operating strategies, technologies and actions for mitigation of fouling, erosion and corrosion damage, involving:
    • Condition monitoring (analysis of plant operating data / sensor records)
    • Inspection (relevant components, NDE techniques)
  • Complete review of maintenance strategies for compressors and their auxiliary systems and DCS, process parameter trending etc.