Key Features Of The Event

This highly professional training will assist all levels of experience because we claim to cover basic aspects as well as complexities of relay structures like types of faults and their calculation methods. We will talk about measurement devices we use for relaying, basic relay schemes and the most common scheme we use in the field.
Our protection relay training will cover the operations and theory of modern digital functions such as phase, ground, negative sequence overcurrent, over and under voltage, over and under frequency, reverse power, distance, and differentials.
Training specifics will cover prime mover, stator, rotor and generator transformer unit protection. We will also be educating about commissioning methods, their documentation and certificates, and important safety rules related to commissioning procedures. Our highly experienced trainer will also communicate about relay protection settings, calculation of values and management of data generated.
This training calls up all the engineers who want a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and solutions of the systems. It’s a knowledgeable and well-structured training module that meets the target group nicely.

Consultant of global industries intelligence :
Mr. Vukan is a Fellow of IET, well established technical expert and manager, recognized leader in the power industry in the UK and worldwide, for over 30 years. Moreover, Mr. Vukan’s technical expertise, management and business development skills includes all aspects of transmission and distribution power systems, maintenance and connections to power networks where he provides solutions to technical problems and manages support to other field experts in complex assignments. Number of companies have already benefited from him such as Energy Market Authority, Singapore BII World Ltd, Canada PowerEdge and so on.

25th – 26th October ‘2021 Going to be held in PC Hotel Karachi, Sheraton Hotel Lahore & Online on Zoom (Hybrid)

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