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Root Cause Failure Analysis training is a highly effective and one of the foremost benefiting training that severely focuses on the problem solving in maintenance and management which is predominantly based on certain neoteric research. This field has been created to get you polished with skills and improve operating performance with practical and technical techniques. Most importantly, with principles and aspects such as logistics of continuous performance improvement, Mode and Effects Analysis (M&E), Fault Tree analysis, decision dialectics and tactical pivot, maturity indexing, development and analysis of relationships and intricacy, risk and variability models and so on. RCFA has been designed specifically for those who like to learn best practices from specialists around the world.
RCFA holds ample of benefits for its trainers which will allow them to identify common manufacturing errors and deviations, guides them to identify the origin of a problem, trains the trainers to compare common root cause analysis tools and methods such as events and casual factor charting, change analysis, barrier analysis, tree diagrams and so on. This course/training is exclusively designed for all the engineers and technicians of any industry and maintenance planning, topics covered in this training will help trainers understand industrial troubleshooting, root cause failure analysis methodology to identify how something goes wrong with machinery or equipment!
This session/course/training is inviting all the engineers and technical professionals and supervisors from any industry, maintenance planners and coordinators, foreman and team leaders, section engineering, and planners. It is highly helpful to make you understand the concepts of industrial troubleshooting and methodology to perform root cause failure analysis.

Consultant of global industries intelligence :
Riaan Breedt is highly respected as a global domain expert with more than 30 years in the fields of engineering and maintenance management. Riaan has trained in excess numbers of participants in the areas of maintenance, reliability, root cause analysis, production, materials, productivity, and logistics. Also, he has worked as a training presenter in various African, Middle Eastern countries. He has experience in consulting for the private sector, government and educational institutions and he has trained and consulted for companies such as Shell Nigeria, Suffolk Petroleum, Mondi Paper, De Beers Group, as well as ESKOM in South Africa.

27 - 28 October‘2021 Going to be held in PC Hotel Karachi, Sheraton Hotel Lahore & Online on Zoom (Hybrid)br>

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