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Treasury Risk Management training is a highly effective and one of the foremost benefiting training that is severely created for financial institutions and corporates which is predominantly based on certain neoteric research. This training session will provide knowledge of the most Treasury Risk areas, risk management and the process to reduce these risks. Keeping everything practical we will try to avoid using just a theoretical approach. You will gain knowledge of institutional and corporate cash management, foreign currency mismatches and cash flow management errors. Managing treasury risk has always been of great importance, and in today's environment the challenges have become even greater. For this reason, taking this training will help young learners develop an in-depth knowledge of liquidity management, budget management, technical trading, and exposure management using hedging techniques. Moreover, this training program primarily lasts for two days where on day one the attendees will be enlightened with the advancements of Liquidity Management, Corporate Cash Management, The Cash Conversion Cycle Hedging, and illustration. Whereas, day two combines knowledge about Asset & Liability management, Treasury Risk, Corporate Financing, Asset classes, and Technical Trading. There are many benefits to taking this course, but one of the best is being able to learn from a seasoned professional in treasury. Our two-day event will guide learners about the vital areas of TRM that matter most.

Consultant of global industries intelligence :
Mr. Peter Bokma is a well-known and one of the remarkable trainers of the finance field. He is an international expert, General Manager at Asia Pacific Finance Training and an ambitious trainer. Peter has worked since 1978 for international banks and institutions, covering international money, foreign exchange, and capital markets; as trader, senior trader, Chief dealer, Group Treasurer, and a Senior Consultant. Ample of his Clients have already benefited from him such as Arab Banking Corporation, Singapore, Hambros, Australia, ABN Amro, Australia, KIPCO, USA and so on.

15th – 16th November ‘2021 Going to be held in PC Hotel Karachi, Sheraton Hotel Lahore & Online on Zoom (Hybrid)

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